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     When I started college, I went from having a job that required a lot of physical activity to studying books which requires almost no physical activity.  To make matters worst I went from around a 1500 calorie diet to a 4000 calorie diet and I quit smoking.  As a result by the end of my first semester I had gone from 145 pounds to 180 pounds.  By the time I graduated from college I weighed 240 pounds and I was getting heavier.  Now that I have graduated, I am bound and determined to lose the weight and get back to around 150 pounds.  Right now I am at about 210 pounds, which is great that I have lost 30 pounds.  But I still weigh a whopping 210 pounds.  So I am writing this page to help keep myself on track, and more importantly to help inspire other people to lose weight too.  

Here are my stats:

        Age:          27

        Height:      5'10"        177.8 cm

        Goal:         150lb        67.87 Kg

                        or between 5 - 10% body fat                      

I have decided to measure my weight loss in three ways. 



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