My experience with autism has been vicarious at best.  My Girlfriend is an developmental therapist for a young boy who has autism.  Because of this I have become an amateur researcher of this condition.  Basically, I try to help this little boy as much as possibly can with the gifts that God has given me.  I will call the little boy "Jake".  His family wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.  Jake is now 6 years old, and doing very well.  Down below are some of the projects I have done that involve autism.



The problem is fairly simple.  You have to be able to represent numbers and letters in different ways that incorporate more senses and make them less symbolic.  The philosopher's question of what exactly is a number becomes very real.  I made these blocks in order to hopefully make numbers more easy to understand.  Only time will tell if they work.


Weighted or Deep Pressure Vest

I'm sure that most people that are visiting this page already know what a weighted vest is.  The problem with every weighted vest that I saw on the market is this: they did not apply pressure to the part of the body that Jake wanted it.  I observed him on several occasions and it became very clear that he wanted pressure across his chest only.  With the help of my sister we developed the following design.


PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

Their are a couple of problems with the PECS program right now.  The first and most obvious problem with the PECS program is that it is EXPENSIVE.  The second biggest problem with the PECS program is that it seems to targeted lower functioning people with autism.  Jake is in in no way a low functioning individual.  This page will be setup so that people can make their own PECS stuff, and hopefully have multiple levels available.



If you would like to help me in future projects concerning autism, please sign up to get paid to surf under me.  I will get 10 cents per hour that you are on line, and you will get 50 cents an hour.  I will always post what I have done and the results and I will keep it free for the pubic to duplicate on their own.  Just be sure to use my reference ID#, I do appreciate it.  If you are interested please click here:

Current Projects This Money Will GO towards:

                                    Making a Deep Pressure Vest

                                     Making a Squeeze Machine


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