Get Paid To SURF

Note:  Money made from these programs goes towards helping a 5 year old boy named 

Jake who has been diagnosed with autism.  

By signing up under me in these programs you are helping him as well.

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How It works:     Basically all of these programs are the same with minor differences.  I will use alladvantage as an example.  You sign up for alladvantage.  Then you download a "viewbar".  As long as the viewbar is showing while you surf the web you are getting paid.  Some programs only pay you for surfing the web, while others pay you simply for being connected to the internet.  Then they pay you for referrals as well, alladvantage pays you 10 cents more per hour per referral.  Then when you have reached the minimum amount (don't worry all money made rolls over to the next month if not enough money is made) you will receive a check.

How can they afford to pay us.  The viewbars flash advertisements.  It works in the same way that a company would pay to advertise on television.  Only your local television company would give you a cut of the profits for the right to advertise on your television screen.

There are no limits as to how many you can sign up for.

link Programs check status Please Use My Reference ID# if you sign up Yea/Nay Seeing is believing  -  the very first paid to surf company.  Very reliable, they pay 50 cents for the hour and up to 25 hours a month.  They also pay 10 cents for each referral.  They pay up to 4 tiers.  If you are new to these types of programs, I recommend you to try this one first. Currently sending checks monthly GPT-046 Yea.  I HIGHLY RECOMEND THIS PROGRAM.  Its the best program especially for beginners. click here to see check
GETPAID4 - This program Stinks.  They now owe me over 1 hundred dollars and still no check.  Plus there customer service stinks, and they now scan your hard drive while you are online.  They wreak. Scheduled to start giving out checks in February jamez654321 NAY, they are a very very bad program Next check I receive will be scanned in.
Epipo - Basically, the same as alladvantage. They pay 60 cents an hour and 10 cents for referrals. Currently sending checks monthly jamez654321 Yea, its a good program Have not yet gotten the paybar
cashsurferIts like GetPaid4.  You get for as long as you are connected to the internet. Currently sending checks monthly jamez65432 okay Next check I receive will be scanned in.
Pointclickvery different than most surf programs.  They track how many times you click on their banners. You can make up to 35 dollars/day!!!  you get 2 dollars for referrals. Currently sending checks monthly okay Next check I receive will be scanned in.
Spedia Its a normal viewbar program except you get points instead of actual cents.  You get one point/minute you are on.  Its pretty good.  They pay about 50 cents/hour. Currently sending checks monthly 635794 okay Next check I receive will be scanned in.
GOTOWORLDThe main difference between this program and all of the others is that this program has its own web viewer program.  They pay 40 cents an hour. Currently sending checks monthly 1046664617 Okay, some people dont seem to get paid though Next check I receive will be scanned in.
IT ADS UP - Same as alladvantage except you can get paid up to 60 hours.  They pay 50 cents/hr and 10 cents/hr for referrals. unknown


Nay, I would still wait unknown
Desktop Horizons -  Same as alladvantage.  they will pay 60 cents/hr and 5 cents/hr for referrals. unknown jamez654321 nay, I would wait unknown
Desktop Dollars - I would be weary. To my knowledge they still are not even logging in hours.  My advice is to wait until they start logging in hours and have a date for checks to be sent out.  They will pay 50 cents/hr and 5 cents/hr for referrals. No date set jamez654321 Nay, wait to see if its legit unknown



Whats the Catch?

Tips on getting People to Sign UP

Ive been getting quite a few questions about Cheating or hacking  Here is my answer:



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