What's The Catch?



         So what is the catch?  Okay there is one draw back to the paid 2 surf programs in general.  Most of these programs require a view bar to be active while you are getting paid.  The view bar is about 1/2 inches high and sits at the bottom of your screen.  It flashes adds every once in while, but does not get in the way of your computer usage.   The view bar is how the companies make money.  They have contracts with the companies that are flashing the adds at you.  Because they are getting paid to display the adds, they can afford to give you a cut of the profits that they make.  Its a very small drawback in my oppionion.  Below are some pictures of the view bars that are required to be on your monitor to get paid.



View Bar




View bar

note:  when you download it and run it, the view bar will appear as one bar on the bottom of your screen.  Not broken as portrayed in the picture



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