Basically the blocks are designed to be used for learning the difference between numbers.  That basically a two is twice as big as a one and so on.  The blocks also have addition tables on them as well (Not shown).  I thought that making something visual and unchanging would better help in the understanding of the symbolic nature of numbers and help aid in learning addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication tables. 

     They have been initially a big success.   Jake really likes them a lot and plays with them often.  He understood the dots and numerical symbols immediately, but does not yet understand the alphabetical representation.  As a consequence he showed displeasure in seeing the alphabetical representation.  His developmental therapist will start working on reading and writing soon.  Hopefully seeing these alphabetical representations will help give him a jump start on tackling reading. 


     My friend, Priscilla sent me the name of a site that makes a similar product here is the link if you want to buy them.  There is lots of other cool math stuff there too so check it out:



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